Winning Through Perseverance


The other day, my friend shared with me that he was a cross-country runner in high school. He said he was good, but not as good as the number one kid on the running team. He told me this kid had heart. He’d run and train when he didn’t need to. He just wanted it really bad.

Then, he shared a story about this other runner as proof of his desire. He said they were in a race, late in the season, and the kid was running so hard to win that he literally puked off to his right side while he was in a dead sprint – and kept running for the prize ahead of him.

Now that takes fortitude. That takes a commitment to persevere to win.

Some of you will say, “That’s ridiculous.” I’d argue that the mindset of deep, deep perseverance is often what it takes to achieve. To win.

In a lot of ways, we’ve become a society of pansies and comfort-holics. We want it easy, and we want it now. We bolt at the first sign of struggle or conflict. We expect all the gifts and prizes without the fight. Don’t believe me? Look at this post by the Heritage Foundation. Today, in OUR nation, we have more people who’d rather take a check from the government than get off their fat backsides and work. Want more evidence? Here’s an article from The Daily Caller on the same topic.

Winning Through Perseverance

The grit that it takes to achieve is sizable. In this country, no one is holding you down but yourself. Rid yourself of the mindset that everything must come easy. Purge your mind that gain must come with no pain. You’ve been fed a lie for too long. Wake up and embrace a new life of rewards that come with perseverance, toil, sweat, grit, and mental stick-to-it-ness!

What about you? Which person will you be? Today could be a watershed moment for you. Will you stick with it and grind it out for a hopeful future, or will you run in the face of pain or discomfort?

Cut and run? Or stick and win?

I’m cheering you on today! You’ve GOT this! Dig deep and fight like hell for what you want to achieve.



Winning Through Perseverance

About The Author
- Bryan Miles is CEO and Co-founder of Miles AG, a conglomerate company consisting of eaHELP, MAG Bookkeeping, Render, Ellipsis, and others. Bryan and Shannon have grown Miles AG from a husband-and-wife operation to a thriving conglomerate that's collectively responsible for more than 450 people, generates millions of dollars in revenue annually, and was named a recent Inc. 500 honoree (eaHELP).