I’m bad at a ton of things. I’m good at a handful of things.

One of things I am good at is setting goal(s) and then tracking them down. So one of my favorite things to discuss around people I lead, mentor, train, or encourage is their ability to pre-decide their end results … and then walk in that direction.

Pre-deciding informs and enables you to create an end-result that you can then aim for. Why would anyone want to live life in a haphazard sort of way? Why zig-zag towards your hopes and dreams when you could walk a straight line? But so many people do, because pre-deciding is tough.

What makes this process tough is two things:


  1. You must determine what your end result (goal) is, with absolute clarity. What does your designated and intentional future look like? Can you taste it? Smell it, feel it, hear it, see it? The more you can experience in your mind what your end-result looks like, the stronger your mental focus on it will be.
  2. You must have the mental fortitude to walk in a straight line towards your end result, even when the winds are strong against you, and fear and doubt try to stare you down. Your courage gets bigger when you KNOW what you’re focused on.


It sounds simple … but it is not. As my Pastor Andy Stanley says, “You plan towards what is GOOD and drift towards what is BAD.”

DRIFTING is subtle and takes you off course. Like it or not, if you do not have a clear image of your end result life will put you on your butt in a hurry. Before you know it, you’re off course and scratching your head, facing down doubt and regret. Worse yet, because of the subtle nature of drifting, you can find yourself in the midst of really bad situations—things like being in debt, getting fat, being lonely, you name it. Drifting (the opposite of focusing on your end result AND walking towards it) is a bad place to be. But you and I meet people all the time who are living in this place and they don’t know why.

PLANNING is making your goals AND creating a clear image of what that goal looks like. In my heart and in yours, we PLAN for the good things we really want out of life—things like a great marriage, responsible kids, a solid nest-egg, influence, impact, whatever. But then we’ve got to figure out how to get there. Creating and then walking towards GOOD plans (goals) is wise. It just is.

So, what about you? Are drifting or are you planning? Can you see your end result(s) with amazing clarity? Achievement of great things first starts in the space between your ears. Get after it! I am cheering you on!


About The Author
- Bryan Miles is CEO and Co-founder of Miles AG, a conglomerate company consisting of eaHELP, MAG Bookkeeping, Render, Ellipsis, and others. Bryan and Shannon have grown Miles AG from a husband-and-wife operation to a thriving conglomerate that's collectively responsible for more than 450 people, generates millions of dollars in revenue annually, and was named a recent Inc. 500 honoree (eaHELP).